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Tesco FreeFrom Millionaire's Dessert

First Thoughts
Tesco, are absolutely on fire at the moment what with all their specifically designed and targeted Free From products. It is really quite refreshing to have quite so many vegan friendly, or gluten free (if that is indeed the issue you are faced with), items so readily available in supermarkets!  I know what you are probably thinking. There are absolutely blooming LOADS of FreeFrom products available now, but the issue that I have with many of these, is that they are so difficult to actually get hold of, and really rather expensive a lot of the time for a one time try with the possibility of them just not being that great.  So, for these to be so affordable and easy to get hold of, I must commend you Tesco, jolly good show! What I am even more impressed with, is the size of the whole range. Seriously, there is so much now available, and I am trying to get through all the various products available to review. 

On To The Review
Salted caramel layer topped with biscuit and a cho…

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